As a prelude to what I am about to express, I must disclaim that I am for the ideal of a rainbow nation, I am for the ideal of a non racial society and am against divisions along racial lines. I do however believe that the idea of a rainbow nation in the context of South Africa is but that, an ideal. There is much work to do before we can even get close to achieving it.

South Africa is a society, as with many others, is a society with many problems to solve, the biggest one as far as I am concerned being an un-transformed economy. As with any situation where there is pain, it is sensible to choose to first remove the thorn that stings the most. I do accept that I am in a position of privilege compared to most but I too have the scars of oppression, i too lick the wounds of poverty and i too feel the pain of the thorns of inequality.

Although there is much to praise, it has become very clear that we can no longer rely on government to facilitate the betterment of the lives of black people in South Africa. The political battle has been won, an economic battle is upon us. Comrades, our struggle is economic in nature. The only weapon is the money in your hand. The enemy: poverty, inequality and economic oppression, largely amongst the black population. The only way to fight this enemy is to spend money on products and services sold by the black population until such a time where there is a bigger problem than this.

It's time we organised ourselves, it's time we formed a united front, it's time we launched an attack on the jaws of oppression. Without this, transformation is but a distant dream.

Amandla! Awethu! Mayibuye! i Africa!

At this moment in time, i see a new pattern emerging, a new consciousness amongst black South Africans, i see an internalisation of the idea that in order for things to change, an economy that is created by black people and for black people is needed. I see a lot of initiatives looking to promote black business on Twitter, on Facebook and on many different websites. All of this leaves me excited about the kind of society we might become. This leaves me hopeful that no longer shall our future be in another's hands. Everybody else recognises the power of blackness, it's time we did too.

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