Road accidents are ranked number 10 on a list of 86 causes of death across the world,  even though this is a small percentage of deaths across the board, road accidents still take more lives than HIV/AIDS, some cancers, drugs, violence and other diseases.

With lots of lives still being lost on the roads, there is still a case for us to put effort in ensuring that less lives are lost on the road and to maximise the effectiveness of the measures of prevention currently in place.

There are 3 distinct stages of an accident where preventative or corrective measures can be applied:

  • First, prevent the accident from happening, which we talk about below
  • Second, make sure that people involved are safe as possible an accident happens and,
  • Third,  get quick assistance after an accident has happened, both of which we talk about on a later post

Preventing an accident from happening

I have recently had an eye on the new Mercedes A-class, and WOW!, it is such a beautifully designed machine. I was more impressed by the AI powered software (MBUX) onboard the vehicle. To be honest, I was quite delighted by the ambient lighting feature, although it is quite likely the least useful feature of all, it is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing, perhaps because I see it for what it could be rather than what it is.

 Imagine, you are a good citizen and want to keep within the speed limit while driving, at all times. There you are, driving in your 2018 Mercedes A-class, the conversation is great, the mood is lush, and the music is nice and MBUX, has adjusted the ambient lighting to a colour fit for the mood. All of a sudden, the lights turn red, they start blinking, you pull your foot off the accelerator, they stop. At that point you remember that you has asked MBUX to warn you when you go over the speed limit, the warning was so non-invasive, it was done so well!

There we go. The ambient lighting feature as a driver assistance tool, a way to help humans drive better, be more aware and stay safe on the roads. 

Me: “Hey Mercedes”

MBUX: “Mercedes is your friend”

The car knows where you are, it knows the speed limit on the road travelled on and it knows the speed you are travelling at, at any point in time.

What if the car could these 3 data points to automatically put itself on cruise mode, at the highest speed limit on every road? Less time, energy and attention spent on manually adjusting the cruise speed, more time spent focusing on the road…

City roads are probably not the best place for this but hey, I see some benefit for those of us who like to drive fast and for those of us who like convenience.

Just threw that one in there