Will companies start to hire teams instead of individuals?

For decades, high performing teams have been studied by researchers with the sole aim of understanding the makeup of teams that have achieved great things so that the knowledge can be used as a blueprint and re-applied to build lean, mean, high performing teams and in turn, high performing organizations.

Every time a team is built, a team will go through the stages (forming, norming, storming, performing) of team formation but what if teams or organizations didn't have to go through all of that?

What if you didn't have to build a team?

What if you just hired one?

To put it in context, we know that Orlando Pirates (A South African soccer team) has almost won the African championship twice over the past few seasons. Say you wanted them to now win the championship, the traditional approach would be to sign a great player, or a couple with the aim of creating a stronger team. Say one of these players was Lionel Messi, currently the best player in the world, which would translate to adding superstar to the team in the corporate world, a single man dependency, and we all know these talented people. This is assuming that they could afford it.

Would they then win the championship? Well, maybe, but, Messi would be shooting well below his weight, playing with players who are not quite as skilled as him, spurring frustration. This could either mean that he will try to do everything himself to get the results quickly or try to up skill the other players to be at his level which works for the team. The former may achieve the results but demoralize the team and give all the glory to Lionel. The latter may mean that the team performance will drop for a short period but help the team perform better in the long term. Losing or drawing enough games in a championship may have the team knocked out and this is a risk management would not want to take considering the investment.

Now, say Orlando Pirates decides to buy the whole Barcelona team for a season, do you think they would win the African championship? YES, I have no doubt about that! They have done it many times in Europe and have proven to be a great team. Of course we cannot discount the fact that they have had many changes in players and team structure but the point here is:

If you take the team and have them play in any soccer league in the world, they will perform.

This is what makes a great team.  

Now, ask yourself: If these 2 options were presented to you, which one would you choose?


Will companies start to hire teams instead of individuals?

My answer is YES!

…just one of my premonitions over the coming half century, I hope I live long enough to see it happen.


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